Shackles of a society

Sukkriti Nath

Understanding Caste through the eyes of Generation Z

Perennial Infection of Caste

Caste started out as mere educational and professional degrees. To claim entitlement or defilement just by birth makes one truly distant from God

Caste Calculus Held Hostage

The recent hostage crisis may have shifted Bihar’s delicate caste equations. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has reason to worry.

No Country for Love

Priyanka Verma was forced to go into hiding with her husband Ujjwal after her uncles ordered her ‘honour killing’ for marrying outside her community. The couple have been on the run for nearly six months now, constantly shifting cities and hotels to avoid being hunted down. Out of money and exhausted living the life of a fugitive, Priyanka says she’ll not live in fear anymore.


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