The White Tigers

Kaveree Bamzai

Hindi movies that talk directly about caste oppression are still rare. Despite rampant self-censorship, that might be changing

Defining Indian Cuisine

Do caste and social hierarchies create barriers to our culinary exchanges?

Missing in the Scene

Why mainstream Hindi cinema rarely raises caste as a social issue

Is it a Wave or a Whirl?

In the hinterland of Haryana, it’s a mix of caste and cult

A Hidden Firebrand

On the occasion of the publication in English of his novel One Part Woman, Tamil writer Perumal Murugan talks about growing up a reader in a family of farmers and getting into trouble writing about caste

Caste Yes Bar for Music

Guruvayur temple stops a Dalit musician from performing on its premises

The Temporary Nikaah

As this case of a 17-year-old girl shows, the perverse practice of Arabikalyanam still persists in Kerala

Sickle over Madurai

The ugliness of caste politics in Tamil Nadu

Caste in Prison Stone

In Tamil Nadu’s southern districts, prisoners are segregated by caste in jails

The Persistence of Caste

From Buddha to Ambedkar, some of our most outstanding minds have tried to fight caste. Why doesn’t it go away, and why are we so afraid to take note of it?


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