caste politics

For Whom the Drums Beat

Shiv Visvanathan

Dalit ethics and aesthetics have the power to disrupt the grammar of caste

Tariq Thachil: The Anti-Elitist

He examines how India’s disadvantaged groups are taken for a ride by certain political parties

125 Years of Babasaheb: Editor’s Note

We have made most of our heroes question-proof. We have made them private collections, labelled and indexed. Thoughts on Ambedkar’s 125th anniversary

Bihar: Land without Justice

As Bihar is set to become a defining battle for Narendra Modi, Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar, the political cartel of backward castes faces a mortal threat from the underdogs

Mirchpur: A Dog Story

Two Dalits were torched alive and 18 homes gutted in Hisar, Haryana, apparently over a dog. So what really happened?

Crumbling Yadav Bastion

Amar Singh’s troubles are only a sign that a caste group long used to power is now finding itself short of options.

Being America Devi

The amazing story of a feisty leader of the downtrodden in Bihar who procured fair wages, water and micro-finance for her fellow Dalits. She also looks into her husband’s eyes while talking to him

The End of Mandal Politics

It ruled the cow belt for two decades but is now headed for oblivion. An analysis of a social revolution that went wrong

A Tale of Two Mosques

Caste divides Muslims in a village ironically called Allahpur


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