caste politics

An Endearing Enigma

Pallavi Aiyar

How does one explain India abroad?

The Culture of Caste

The sociology of violence in popular cinema

Khap Panchayat: What’s in a Surname?

A khap panchayat in Haryana fights the stigma of caste

The Angry Maratha

How the silent march for reservations has become a violent protest

Narendra Modi: Still the Unchallenged

Karnataka adds to the aura of Modi on his fourth anniversary in office

A Vicarious Win for Modi

A complacent Congress and a hortatory Hindutva campaign make way for the BJP in Karnataka

Playing With Faith

With the Congress cashing in on the Lingayats’ demand for a separate religious identity, Karnataka’s caste politics comes full circle on the eve of a nervous Assembly election

Historical Wrongs and the Present

Dalit assertion is no excuse for violence against neutral parties

Sujatha Gidla: Identity Crisis

Sujatha Gidla is a subway conductor in New York with an Indian backstory of caste and isolation, now captured in a critically acclaimed memoir

The Battle for Karnataka

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is setting the poll agenda but the BJP has found a way to counter it


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