caste politics

The Karpoori Thakur Effect

Sajjan Kumar

Why Bihar’s icon deserves the Bharat Ratna

Akash Anand: The Chosen One

Can Mayawati’s successor rebuild the Bahujan Samaj Party?

Meat for Thought

A dispute in IIT Bombay reopens the debate over exclusive spaces for vegetarians

A Whiff of Mandal

The Opposition’s demand for a caste-based census is a desperate gambit to splinter Modi’s Hindu constituency

Lining Up for 2024

Nitish Kumar’s decision to reunite with RJD is a major realignment forced by his sense of political vulnerability

An Endearing Enigma

How does one explain India abroad?

The Culture of Caste

The sociology of violence in popular cinema

Khap Panchayat: What’s in a Surname?

A khap panchayat in Haryana fights the stigma of caste

The Angry Maratha

How the silent march for reservations has become a violent protest

Narendra Modi: Still the Unchallenged

Karnataka adds to the aura of Modi on his fourth anniversary in office


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