Carnatic music

The Sound of Heritage

Suhel Seth

Indian classical music is what defines us

The Mind of Music

MS Subbulakshmi’s life was marked by choices that continue to perplex us

S Rajam: The Complete Aesthete

Remembering S Rajam the master minimalist

Rajiv Menon: Between Beat and Rhythm

Music becomes a communitarian experience in Rajiv Menon’s new film. He talks about the art of breaking barriers in a conversation with Nandhu Sundaram

Sooraj Subramaniam: The World at His Feet

Sooraj Subramaniam is one of the most sought after freelance dancers in the world today. He tells Malini Nair how he bends and blends genres

‘We musicians sit on the high horse of religiosity,’ says TM Krishna

Open conversation with TM Krishna, Carnatic vocalist and writer

Tyagaraja: The Highest Guru

The impact of Tyagaraja on Carnatic music remains unparallelled even 250 years after the composer’s birth


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