Peak Woke

Madhavankutty Pillai

On US universities defending calls to genocide on campuses

Class Struggle

Fault lines on the American campus

Let the Romance Linger

Nalini R Mohanty recalls a time when every 24 hours seemed to send the pulse of JNU racing to a revolutionary precipice 

Ballot Virgins

They talk development on college campuses

Wretched New IITs

Who is responsible for the sorry state of these institutions?

Confessions of a DU Student

“I made quite a bit of money, so I carried it on till my last year in college. I sold every question paper at Rs 3,000 per buyer”

Adil Hossain versus AMU

When Mohammad Adil Hossain was banned from campus on charges of ‘internet activism’, he promptly took his university to court, and argued his own case. After a harrowing ten-month legal battle, he is back on campus

A Campus Shooting in Texas

It is something you typically read about in newspapers. Deepthi Murali, an Indian student in the United States, got a first-hand experience of what happens when a gunman runs loose on campus

Internet Police on Campus

Alleged internet misuse is enough, it would seem, to suspend a student from the university. And this is not the only campus facing a clampdown.

3 Idiots

A campy film about campus problems that is so much fun, it forgets the real issues it set out to critique.


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