Flight Control

Rajeev Deshpande

Indian civil aviation has come a long way from backroom policy manipulation by private players and mismanagement by officials

Indian Entitlement Service

A stadium to walk the dog and other privileges

Connecting Point

Within a short period, AK Sharma has become the main communication bridge between the UP government and the PMO

Post-Retirement Largesse

When politicians reward blatant displays of partisanship

Unseating the IAS

With many top posts going to specialists from the allied services and the induction of a fresh batch of lateral entrants, the civil services are undergoing their biggest transformation since independence

High Priest of Red Tape

Tuhin Kanta Pandey has honed building roadblocks into an art form

A Tale of Two Menons

Comparing VK and VP is odious. They made the best of what destiny offered them

The Case of the Rickshaw Coolie Murder

How two unrelated incidents in imperial Simla helped end the British Empire


The jinx of a global broadcaster, tale of a Nirav Modi showroom, and beeline for Rajya Sabha seats

What Was Alok Verma’s Problem?

Adhia can smile again | Nothing’s for sure | Gehlot versus Pilot | Passing the Rathore test


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