Brand, Baaja and Baaraat

Suhel Seth

What really matters is the passion quotient

You Can’t Go Wrong with IPL

India’s biggest sport brand is set to get bigger and better

Art: The World at Their Feet

Young performing artists are using social media to build their own unique brand and to reach a wider audience

The Tyranny of Comparison

The look-at-China syndrome makes no sense, argues Suhel Seth as he weighs Asia’s two biggest national brands

The Cult of Zara

How a Spanish high-street brand changed the way affluent Indians shop—and dress

The Desi Spirit of an Insurgent Brand

Sprite thumbed its nose at nonsense to gain leadership of a mass market

The Idea of Poonam Pandey

She combined Indian cricket and nudity to build an improbable brand

Marketing Brand Rahul

Not so long ago, he was a mascot of the youth. Now he wants to be seen as the voice of the aam aadmi. Great branding it may be, but success is harder fought

BlackBerry’s India Problem

BlackBerry has offered access to servers for non-business users, but has not budged on giving access to its offshore business servers


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