Do You Know Your Mind?

Hartosh Singh Bal

fMRI techniques can predict your response better than what you express.

“We can’t disable our hidden brain”

Author Shankar Vedantam on the mental prejudice-graph which kicks in as early as age three, how it influences stock markets and why it turns some into suicide bombers.

Are Bigger Brains Better?

A better brain is not about size. Social insects with ‘tiny’ brains can perform complex tasks such as counting

The Mind of a City

Research shows that cities are organised like mammal brains, since both systems respond to the problem of efficient transport

Stretching the Mind

Dr Howard Gardner at Harvard University has had a profound impact on thinking and education. In an exclusive interview with Open, he shares his latest thoughts about the mind and its functioning

How to Get Smart. Really

Yes, you can. You can tweak your brains to perform better

Recreating the Brain

Scientists in Switzerland have embarked on an ambitious plan to reverse engineer the human brain, molecule by molecule


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