Hotel Watson

Aastha Atray Banan

An exclusive address of Bombay’s British days is on its way to dilapidation

Sax and the City

Bombay in the Jazz age

The Manhole Cover Guide

R Murali conducts a tour in Mumbai called Manhole and Other Covers

A Twist in Time

Bombay and Diu—new travels in old footsteps

Kipling House

A little green bungalow in Bombay, a colonial era writer who still haunts it, and the stories left to tell

Bombay Oil Spill

Although the Bombay oil spill spread to Alibaug and Uran, the Coast Guard has said that the spill has ended.

Mr Creepy Crawly

Disappearing for days into the Western Ghats, this man looks under rocks, sifts through piles of leaves and generally gets his hands quite dirty looking to discover new species of amphibians and reptiles. In fact herpetologist Varad Giri is a pretty rare creature himself: a researcher who can’t have enough of the creepy crawlies

Shiva’s Fury

A meteorite 40 km in diameter that struck off the west coast of India may have doomed the dinosaurs.

They are Hardworking and Hateworthy

The thing about hate—it’s about love, actually. It’s an emotion of denial. A defence mechanism. Hating a thing has much to do with coveting something about it.

Its Cosmopolitanism is a Veneer

Dreams have a habit of dissolving under scrutiny. Which other city can boast of Bal Thackeray as its patron saint? Mumbai always succumbs to chauvinism, unfailingly. It’s its defining feature


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