The Spirit of Bombay

Nandini Nair

The liberal in his labyrinth

All for the Sake of Nehru

Jinnah’s Pakistan demand was more tactical than practical

Dispatches from History

The lesser known sites of pivotal relevance to our national experience

The Other Mutiny: 1946 Naval Rebellion

Spare a thought for the heroes of the 1946 naval rebellion

Anish Kapoor: My Name is Red

Anish Kapoor’s new show in London is a visceral exploration of the internal human body in its most vulnerable state

The Pleasures of Being at Sea

The hidden enchantment of Bekal Fort

Hotel Watson

An exclusive address of Bombay’s British days is on its way to dilapidation

Sax and the City

Bombay in the Jazz age

The Manhole Cover Guide

R Murali conducts a tour in Mumbai called Manhole and Other Covers

A Twist in Time

Bombay and Diu—new travels in old footsteps


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