No Modi, Agrees BJP

Dhirendra K. Jha

As the BJP surrenders to Nitish Kumar’s demand that Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi be kept away from Bihar’s electoral arena, the implications.

The Good, the Bad and the Difficult

The Congress’ bold new gameplan to win UP and Bihar polls involves setting up ‘third front’ alternatives to dominant regional parties in these states.

Bihar Finds a Birthday

Nitish Kumar’s pursuit of Bihari pride has ideological basis, missionary zeal and now even an annual day for the state to celebrate.

India This Week

Indian citizenship for Sri Lankan refugees; handshake and a boot in West Bengal; Bihar’s bank ban; Kashmir protest; and creating second-class doctors

India This Week

BJP-SAD discord; Smoking fines; Condom as an election symbol; Naxal plans backfire; Land-related carnage in Bihar

Murder Most Foul

Was the gruesome killing of historian Papiya Ghosh linked to the book she was working on? We may never know, but we can now at least read her book

After UP, a Congress Comeback in Bihar

The party got a big chunk of upper caste votes in the state.

Lalu’s Party is Over

The RJD chief was once thought to be invincible in his home state. Now Nitish Kumar is working overtime to draft his political obituary

A Tale of Two Mosques

Caste divides Muslims in a village ironically called Allahpur

Fragile Alliances, Changing Equations

Nitish Kumar is all set to ditch the BJP after the Lok Sabha election


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