Barack Obama

Obama after Osama

Betwa Sharma

So, should he consider himself re-elected in 2012?

The Prince and The President

Barack Obama’s political persona and career have many vital cues for India’s Prime Minister-in-waiting

What to Expect When You are Expecting Obama

Preparations for Barack Obama’s impending visit are in full swing, though shrouded in secrecy

Charm Offensive

The Indo-US relationship is back in ‘indispensable’ mode, goes the cheer. But let’s not delude ourselves about it.

Keep Your Counsel, Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh’s maiden visit to the Obama White House need not make news to be a success

Yes wwwe Can

President Obama has embraced technology as a change agent by appointing Aneesh Chopra America’s first ever CTO

The Do Gooders

Working for a cause, making a difference, fighting for change is suddenly cool again. Thanks in large part to the new occupant of the White House

Plotting Our Urban Future

For the first time in human history, more people live in urban spaces than in rural. But confronted by ecological and other civic challenges, our cities will have to adapt dramatically. What might they look like in time to come?

Seeing Stars and Stripes

President Barack Obama has not just given African Americans a reason to dream. With him has also come the political awakening of American desis

Piecing Together Our Fragmented World

Born in Kanpur, raised in Abu Dhabi and the US, Parag Khanna is now a New Yorker, global citizen, bestselling author, political analyst and more at just 32. Here’s why the world pays attention to him


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