Barack Obama

Into the Unknown With Trump

Tunku Varadarajan in New York

Trump wants to make America great again but we’re not sure how he will pull that off

Why Do They Hate Hillary?

The failures and fall of Hillary Clinton

Trump and Hillary: The Unloveable versus the Despicable

Compared with Trump’s hideous and incurable flaws, Hillary’s perceived faults seem far from indigestible to a voter with a sturdy stomach

US Election 2016: Donald Up Close

The Republican candidate is much more pleasant in private than in his snarling public performances. Our contributor gets closer to Donald Trump

India’s Foreign Policy: The Foreign Hand

Has India outsourced foreign policy to American think tanks?

You Give Us Satisfaction

Thank you Rolling Stones, for revealing that music isn’t time and space specific

Donald Trump’s Triumph of Insolence

The rise and rise of an angry populist and the conservative crack up

2015: The Partition of the Indian Mind

Can Modi be the Great Reconciler of India?

Pakistan’s Deadly Double Game

Western journalists are talking of ISIS planning an Armageddon in India. That's pure exaggeration fed by the ISI


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