Modi’s Master Stroke

Jayanta Ghosal

Apologising, after all, is intrinsic to Indian culture

The NRC and Assam’s Deliverance

The NRC process, by all accounts, has been a mess. But the NRC remains as significant as ever for Assam

Epic Leaps

A mystic’s journey through the labyrinth of time

Uneasy Home

Being a refugee in the Northeast

What’s Next in Assam?

The overwhelming demand for updating the National Register of Citizens represents an almost Darwinian struggle of a people to preserve their identity. A journey through the fault lines of Assam

Taslima Nasrin: ‘Without sexual freedom women will never get equality’

The third of her seven-volume memoir is out in English and Taslima Nasrin still remains a rebel with no regrets

At Home

A  journey after the Bangladesh War

Dhaka Art Summit: Everyman’s Country

The Dhaka Art Summit reimagines identity and nationalism

Woven Winds

The revival of the jamdani weaving tradition


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