Perks of the Job

Akshay Sawai

Watching, er, hearing Yuvraj in full flow, and a chance encounter with an autorickshaw driver who starred in Johnny Mera Naam

The Cardiologist with a Heart

Dr Ramana Rao has run a free Sunday clinic every single week for 37 straight years

Green Meat Eaters

68 km from Bangalore, a bunch of nature lovers discovers two rare species of carnivorous plants

A Grave Problem in Bangalore

An acute shortage of land for burial is forcing families to share graves.

Neither Salaam, Nor Bombay

He ran away from home to Bombay and landed the lead in Mira Nair’s Academy award-nominated Salaam Bombay! But after years of looking for another role, any role, he’s back home in Bangalore driving an auto.

India This Week

Checkmate, Says Congress to Yadav Chiefs; Woman Power Overrides Bangalore Civic Poll Results

Street of Art

Every year, for one day, a kilometre-long artery of central Bangalore becomes a platform for artists from all over India to display their works without engaging mediators like galleries.

Fresh Geek Salad

A surprising number of recession-hit IT professionals in Bangalore are rebooting their careers by starting their own restaurants.


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