Not the Imagined Aliens

Madhavankutty Pillai

Even if Venus has life, is it an answer to the loneliness of life on Earth?

Myth versus Reality

Instead of searching for truths in myths, it would be easier if we appreciated the scientific achievements of ancient Indians

For Heaven’s Sake

A love of all things celestial unites Delhi’s stargazers

Birth of the Earth

A new model solves a key problem in the theory of the formation of planets around a star.

Searching for ET

Fog on Saturn’s moon Titan strengthens claims that it may hold answers to how life began on earth

Zoom to the Future

Galileo Galilei turned his telescope to the stars 400 years ago. No single moment has had a greater impact on our view of the world

Everybody Loves a Good Eclipse

The rare celestial event on 22 July, a total solar eclipse, is creating a flutter across the country among superstitious loonies and no-nonsense astronomers alike

New Light on Black Holes

The discovery of a midsized black hole may explain how gigantic black holes form in galaxies


Jupiter’s gravitational reach has a slight chance of destroying Earth someday, say astronomers


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