Arundhati Roy

The World Is What It Is

Nandini Nair

Surviving God and other delights

The Piazza and the Car Park

The genius of market activism is that it doesn’t reject the terminology of literary value; it disinherits and revivifies it, making it a powerful code

Browsing and Buying in New York

From the connoisseur to the casual visitor, everyone is welcome

Arundhati Roy: The Utmost Unhappiness of Being Indian

Arundhati Roy’s second novel in twenty years retains her original magic even as it becomes an overwrought political project

Arundhati Roy, Author and Activist

The Rebirth of Imagination

Books: Highlights of 2017

Adrian Levy & Cathrine Scott-Clark | Wendy Doniger | Michel Pastoureau | Pankaj Mishra | Arundhati Roy | Paula Hawkins | Paul Auster | Hari Kunzru | Amit Chaudhuri | George Saunders | JRR Tolkien

Big Brother On Trial

A moral argument against power in the age of surveillance

In Search of the Next Literary Bestseller

Who will be the next superstar in fiction? Rajni George reports from the publishing world

Arundhati Roy’s ahistorical fiction

How the novelist in her simplistic rhetoric on caste got Gandhi wrong


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