Arun Jaitley

“The Neo-Middle Class has to be supported”

PR Ramesh

As the architect of the Narendra Modi Government’s first Budget, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley spoke to our Managing Editor, PR Ramesh. Excerpts

Less bang more stuff

If the first Budget after a strong mandate is one for big ideas and agenda setting, how does Jaitley’s 2014 Budget compare with Pranab Mukherjee’s 2009 one?

Master of detail

How the Finance Minister drafted his first budget and his own indispensability to the Modi agenda

In a manner of speaking

Jaitley mentioned the word cities 17 times, underscoring his Prime Minister’s vision of smart cities

The Right ACT

Arun Jaitley’s maiden Budget lays the foundation for growth on the wreckage left behind by his predecessor

For direction, wait for the next Budget

On the whole, the Budget 2014 looks remarkably similar to what the UPA government may have presented if it had returned to power

As India’s tiger economy stirs again

A revival hinges on how Arun Jaitley addresses the Centre’s fiscal deficit

The inheritance of ruins

After ten years of the UPA regime’s fiscal recklessness and figure fudging, Arun Jaitley has his task cut out for him: take the economy to the next level of growth

New Delhi’s Holy Trinity

Only two other men matter in the Republic of Modi: Arun Jaitley and Amit Shah

Home is where the vote is…

…Or, is it that home is where the heart is but the heart is more than a cashbox?


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