Arjun Kapoor

Movie Review: Ki & Ka

Ajit Duara

Predictable and out of touch

House Husband in Heels

The Superhero’s Lady Love • The Film Everyone’s Excited About

The Half Boyfriend

Playing It Safe • The Reckless Diva

The Casting Surprise That Really Isn’t

Intimacy Issues • The Reluctant Studio

Not One to Sit Around and Sulk

Error of Judgement? • Friends No More


There isn’t much to take home from this film’s cut-and-dried plot except one man’s performance

The Grain of Truth in Every Roast

A Good Friend and Great Sport • Presence of the Uninvited • Hirani’s Choice • Transitory Delights • Sticky Encounter

Meet the Disrupters

Is Hindi Cinema’s Generation Y ready to challenge the dominance of its established stars?

Power of the Ordinary

The new star of Hindi cinema sees himself as a work in progress. Arjun Kapoor on his art and fears

2 States

An operatic film with a high emotional quotient that is touching despite its melodrama


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