Anna Hazare

Lokpal Lessons

Hartosh Singh Bal

Why we need a framework for public consultation in the legislative process

This Rage will Change Our Politics

Hazare and Ramdev are comic sideshows. The real target is the pervasive greed this Congress regime is happy to condone

Coming Soon: Baba Ramdev’s satyagraha

His indefinite fast is to begin on the same day as Anna Hazare’s convention

Blessed by Anna, Nephew Joins Congress

Vinayak Deshmukh, who was earlier with the NCP, finds himself drawn to the grand old party’s ‘suitable culture’

Keeping Anna in Check

Agnivesh says Hazare will visit Gujarat and issue a fresh statement at a public rally

What Lies beyond Anna’s Fast

In defence of the man of penance

Stuck with the Mascot

The great liberator, in time, will become the problem

“Put the Lokpal Bill to referendum”

Prashant Bhushan, one of the chief architects of the Jan Lokpal Bill, speaks to Open in its defence

Happy Hours at the Anna Carnival

The mela around the televised Jantar Mantar fast-unto-death had just about everything to keep our urban ‘revolutionaries’ occupied, including a food fest

Not Your Textbook Saint

Anna Hazare is a maverick with a past every bit as intriguing as his fast


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