Amarinder Singh

Congress Culprits

PR Ramesh

The party’s dismal performance in Bihar brought the knives out, with senior leaders attacking the high command

Punjabi Rap

Political brinkmanship in Punjab has taken a dangerous turn after the farm reform laws

Nitish’s Catch-22

Not displaying adequate care for Bihari labourers could cost Nitish votes

Lunch And Crunch

Amarinder Singh's lunch diplomacy

Can Amarinder Singh Redeem Punjab?

In the vanguard with the Captain

Punjab: A State of Flux

A beleaguered ruling party is set against a slothful opposition

The Mid-Term Mood

Upcoming polls in five states will test Modi’s sway over the nation

India This Week

Slipping in Some Unusual Places; Can’t Afford Celebrations; City-bred ‘Maoists’; Puppets Who Aid the UPA’s Survival; SC Sets Punjab House in Order


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