Lies, Damned Lies… and Advertising

Aresh Shirali

A few brands have joined the electoral hurly-burly with messages of their own

Of Movies and Midriffs as Market Signs

Hindi film advertising is under pressure, and what works has plenty to say about India as a mass market

Beyond Berlo’s Boot Space

The recent controversial Ford ads raise questions about industry ethics and the validity of scam ads

She Is Not a Moron, She is Young

Getting under the skin of the real Indian out there

Confessions of an Advertising Professional

“One of the main problems is people stealing credit. Most creative directors happily accept awards for ads they didn’t conceive”

Confessions of a Gadget Reviewer

“It is in the nature of technology to go bad. If you happen to have suggested that model, the blame will be on you”


A really nice 30-second advertisement that wants to become a movie and play for bigger stakes

Business Briefing 20/03

Eyeballs, Eyeballs Everywhere; Kite Flying; It’s Alright, Maruti

You’re Sold!

How does it feel to know that the seller knows your mind better than you know yourself? And this isn’t science fiction either.

Jottings of an Adman

Take a journey into the viciously competitive world of India’s largest ad agency in this brilliantly bitchy book.


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