Adolf Hitler

A Hundred Years Ago

Madhavankutty Pillai

1923 was unremarkable but still held the seeds that changed the present

China Unmasked

Its destiny is now in the control of one party, one führer and one ideology

Revisionist History

History is devoid of meaning if the context is taken out of events

The Limits of Leadership

Is the role of the individual in history overestimated?

Curse of the Caricature

Were Indian cartoonists casteist on Ambedkar?

The Evil Joke

Éric Vuillard, the 2017 winner of Prix Goncourt, returns to the pathologies of the past in what could be the smallest novel—and one of the most powerful-- ever written on the Nazi project

Some Fake News Lasts For Ever

Homo Sapiens is a post-truth species, whose power depends on creating and believing fictions

Open Diary

We don’t always need to glorify the past

Democracy on the Edge

It’s not just another form of government, it’s a social project


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