To Catch a Falling Star

Shahina KK

The brotherhood of the Malayalam film industry turns an accused actor into a tragic victim. Welcome to Malewood

Out of the Bubble… Alone

Amidst the talk about Bollywood and nepotism, our contributor, an actor, chronicles the struggles and thrills of making it without the power of ‘the family’

A Meeting of Fearful Minds

The tactical assault on movies in the war with Pakistan

The New Scene Stealers

An actor’s life in Mumbai is not only about the big screen. The young and enterprising are busier than ever before

Rahul Khanna: The Internet’s Latest Boyfriend

The crossover star of the 90s, Rahul Khanna plays a Pakistani intelligence officer in an Emmy-nominated drama and becomes the internet’s latest boyfriend

The Cost of Looking Good

And the toll it takes on aspiring models and actors

Serial Endorsers

When choosing film roles, are Bollywood actors afraid to compromise their brands?

Confessions of a Bollywood Scriptwriter

“Most producers don’t know how to read a script. The development heads in corporate and big production companies are the worst.”


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