The Thorn in Schumi’s Flesh

Akshay Sawai

Damon Hill, 1996 F1 World champion, on the delusions of daredevils and his battle with Michael Schumacher

The Agony of Obsession

It’s not easy being a sports fan

The End

Notes from a swansong

The (Limited) Hysteria

Making sense of the hype over Tendulkar’s last Test

The Invisible Tendulkar

What you didn’t quite see when you watched him for 24 years

What Next, Sachin?

Taking guard for a life away from the field

Betting Big

Hari Zol brought up his sons as athletes. One of them, Vijay, has given up school and is ready for top-level Indian cricket

Rocking with Michael

Horace Grant of the Chicago Bulls on playing with Jordan and the glorious 90s

The Curious Case of the 42-Year-Old Cricketer

How Pravin Tambe, an obscure leg spinner, became the best bowler of the Champions League tournament

The Ala Re Sachin

Just how Maharashtrian is Tendulkar?


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