The Great Depression That Wasn’t

Aresh Shirali

Why Liaquat Ahamed does not want his book on this grim phase of history overinterpreted

The Shape of Her

The story of a young couple, both of whom were sexually abused as children

The Trouble with Sex

The most recent winner of the bad sex writing prize, Rowan Somerville, on the noun problem that plagues the art

The Genocidal War Hero

In conversation with a historian who blames Winston Churchill for the three million deaths in the Bengal famine

For Whom the Writer Writes Book

Book dedications come in all forms: serious, poetic, humorous, romantic, and in the odd case, like Neil Gaiman’s, flippantly charming


Photographers, artists and writers from across the world come together in this book to discuss the erosion of democracy and shrinking of freedom

Gargantuan Effort

Bestselling author Ken Follett on the pressures of writing chartbusters, the effect of JK Rowling on the world, and the five greatest books of all time

As the Name Suggests

Lost and Found by CP Surendran will lose the reader in its maze of characters and find him again.

Reader’s Digest

Mita Kapur’s book is another addition to the feast of books that present food as memoir, politics and history

Nature vs Nurture

...and it is advantage nurture, at long last, going by the sudden spurt of tomes being published on this vital subject.


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