Grunge in Bangladesh

Arindam Mukherjee

This debut novel gives you a kick. A quick one

Iron Lady of Manipur

Irom Sharmila believes a book has power. She’s right, the story of her life does carry the power to torment our conscience.

Che and the Art of Revolution

Behind the burning eyes of Che Guevara on a million T-shirts is a fearless, determined man who once killed a horse to eat it. This is him, in his own words

Soul Safari

Even less than two weeks in Kenya’s stunning wilderness makes for a coffee table book and a case for conservation. Could we expect anything less from India’s most eloquent tiger watcher?

The Beast Inside

The Booker Prize winning author writes brutally honest stories about love, loss and loneliness

Nectar in a Sieve

A slim but fine anthology captures the essential achievements of Tamil poetry from the Sangam period to contemporary times

Last Light

In Updike’s final collection of stories, published posthumously, death is a constant presence and it seems to have played an active role in his imagination

The Ever After Man

Farahad Zama is possibly the first man to win a romance writer’s prize. So watch out Barbara Cartland

Knight Vision

When an Aussie talks about cricket, the world stops to listen. But John Buchanan’s book disappoints. He envisions T20 as an Olympic sport, but has no original ideas to make this happen

The Human Jungle

Readers now have access to another of Sankar’s gems, Jana Aranya, in English


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