Happy Birthday, Uncle Pai

Manju Sara Rajan

Anant Pai, the adoptive ‘Uncle’ of generations of Indian children, has turned 80. Pity we can’t find an adequate gift for the man who gave us so much joy?


Simpsons writer Larry Doyle’s first novel is already a movie. And the second looks set to follow suit.

The Silent Storyteller

A daughter’s tribute brings to life the portrait of legendary filmmaker Bimal Roy: withdrawn, reticent, yet drawing out the most memorable of performances

Code Raider

Dan Brown’s book is like the rapids one experiences during a rafting expedition. But his fans will feel at home.

Blood Flower

Journalist Gretchen Peters follows the drug and terror money flowing out of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the UAE and finds Dawood Ibrahim at the heart of it. An extract from her book

Kurukshetra 2009

Gurcharan Das is convinced the Mahabharata holds relevance even today. He uses the epic to understand modern day issues such as the Ambani row and Satyam scandal

A Fresh Look

Gurcharan Das on his new book, and how Krishna only levels the playing field in the Kurukshetra War

Chasing a War

In his latest book, Imtiaz Gul gives a view of Al-Qaeda from within Pakistan. He speaks of tension within the terror group, and how India bungled a chance for peace in Kashmir

The Facebook Bait

The biggest of ideas can emerge from the smallest of desires. In the case of Facebook, it was about a geek who wanted to be popular with the girls.

The ‘If Only’ History of India

Jaswant Singh cites Gokhale to sell Jinnah as ‘an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity’. So, Hitler was a painter, right?


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