The Thorough Mr Theroux

Sohini Chattopadhyay

Paul Theroux on his latest novel set in Calcutta, on how Naipaul ‘oversimplified the city in one of his belittling books’, on why you can never trust writers...

The President is Gone

In this book, six Indian candidates have a shot at shaking W’s hand. Who will win?

The Lost Tribe

This graphic novel is a satire on modern life, and what greed does to human beings and all that comes in their way

Chewing on It in Pushkar

Away from the more famous ongoing cattle fest, Pushkar’s first literature festival left ample mental fodder to chew on.

Beyond Carrot and Stick

This book by veteran US diplomat Howard B Schaffer underlines the point of American intervention in Kashmir

Delicious Reading

Dig into these food diaries on things as diverse as war-time cooking and the contents of Frida Kahlo’s lunch boxes

Phantoms of the Mind

A novel about ghosts that are as real as the evil in human hearts

The Emperor’s New Portrait

A BBC journalist wades into Mughal history to paint a picture of the fifth emperor in miniature detail, up close and thrilling

Minute Made

We bring you ‘Postmortem’, a short story by Amitava Kumar, which was a contender for the Three-Minute Fiction contest on US National Public Radio.

Blast from the Past

A Hitchhiker’s Guide for the inter-galactic tourist with a mission? The lunacy of Douglas Adams sure is dead


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