Man of No Formula

Madhavankutty Pillai

Amartya Sen’s foreword doesn’t demystify Polanyi.

Sweet Poison

Namita Devidayal’s Aftertaste tells the syrupy saga of families in the mithai business. The author pleads guilty of a sweet tooth.

How I wrote my 500 page novel set in ancient Greece without being there

‘The Emissary’ takes you to Ancient Greece at the time of Alexander the Great through the tale of a young renegade who ends up with a role in shaping Greek destiny. How the idea took seed, though, is another story

The Pleasure Seekers

Doshi seems to have written an entire novel in search of answers that she believes will ground her to some sort of reality.

‘I Don’t Feel like an Overnight Sensation’

Writer Tishani Doshi speaks of creating her own luck, her debut novel and life as a ‘pleasure seeker’.

Emergency, Uncensored

A visual depiction of events of the 1970s that makes this dark period seem more sinister than ever.

Changing Epic Traditions

The Ramayan holds interest for India’s contemporary generation a million years since its first oral telling.

Revolutions in a Headscarf

Award winning author and blogger Shelina Zahra Janmohamed speaks of changing the world with her words.

Two Men in a Boat

Christopher Hitchens’ memoir, of life amidst Leftists and literary friends, dazzles only in part.

Making a Queer Pitch

Suffocated by the silence surrounding homosexuality, a lesbian activist has started India’s first bookstore devoted to the subject.


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