Dow Shalt Not Get Away

Rita Bhimani

Warren Anderson should be arrested to warn companies of the consequences of building hazardous industries, insists writer Dominique Lapierre.

To The Manner Shorn

How the telephone and other modern technology snipped off our manners.

A Serious Splash

Manu Joseph’s debut novel created quite a stir when several publishers in the UK bid for it last year.

Sex and Sexuality in Sri Lanka

Writer and publisher Ameena Hussein on editing the first anthology of erotic writing from Sri Lanka and aspiring to be the Rohinton Mistry of the island nation.

A Life with a View

This is poetry by a mellow Pritish Nandy, a man who thinks he’s aged.

IQ Books

What did Nobel laureates read when they were kids?

Ripple Effect

A book that examines the centrality of water in our culture, religion and region’s geopolitics.

Bad Tummy Alert

It’s alarming that this book got nominated for a mighty prize.

Bulleyan Algebra

This Sufi rocker’s autobiography makes you want to air-guitar your way along as you read.

How to Tame Your Dragon

Bhutan is a nation concerned about the effects of the sudden changes it’s encountering. No wonder its delegates at the country’s first lit fest have their energies focused on preserving its oral traditions.


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