A Revolution Brewing

Moinak Mitra

Female beer sozzles a skewed gender equation

Dietary Supplement: Pop Goes the Pill

Valued at over $2 billion, the dietary supplement market in India promises buyers an irresistible cocktail of convenience, choice and good health

An Apple a Day Keeps the Teacher Away

Be it playing a piano or a 360° tour of the Colosseum, smart classrooms are stretching the limits of learning

When Elie Saab Goes Desi

At what point does fashion go from inspiration to cultural appropriation?

The Fit Community of Fat Eaters

The Indian environment militates against a Low Carbohydrate High Fat lifestyle but a small number of adherents still find it worthwhile

Diet: In Praise of Dal-Rice

In following Western dietary guidelines, we have given up our own food wisdoms handed down the generations by the women in our homes

Virtual Reality: The Illusionists

From filmmaking to the real estate business, virtual reality is offering new possibilities for Indian entrepreneurs

Between Blue and White

A biking epiphany in Ladakh

The Jungle Nook

A family outing runs unexpectedly into an opium trail in Namdapha

Shadows on the Sand

And a temple where they pray to a motorcycle


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