Under a Tidal Spell

Jaideep Mazumdar

Anyone who wants man to be master of his destiny should visit this archipelago

The Inner Dog’s Life

The canine existence today is incomplete without psychologists, cardiologists, hotels and mutton botis

Blogging for Democracy

Going by the e-buzz, this year’s Lok Sabha polls can be termed India’s first digital election. Voters and non-voters alike seem to be up for it

Drunk with Boredom

Unlikely talking heads and tedious poll predictions make for heartbreaking TV. More IPL, please?

The Missing Menu

Pan Asian food is the latest culinary craze in India. But cuisines from many countries have simply been ignored

Straight Trouble

As more gays step out of the closet, the heterosexual man is going to need more than an abdominal shield to protect his privacy and macho pride

Slum Act for Plum CV

Why do some rich kids help the poor? Social service is good for the resume, especially if you want to study abroad

Childhood Aborted

A 12-year-old girl gave birth on a pavement, alone. Today, she is defined more by perceptions than by who she really is

Battle Cry

Gordon Brown tastes ‘defeat’ as Gurkha soldiers and veterans fight for a right to settle in the country they defend

Shaping a Legacy

Manmohan Singh has returned as Prime Minister with a renewed mandate but his challenges are larger than before


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