Somak Ghoshal

Somak Ghoshal is an editor and writer based in Bengaluru

Undoing the Ordinary

The carefully postured bodies in the paintings of Francisco Goya, or the ones reduced to an abstraction in the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti, transform into bizarre entities in a fascinating exhibition that examines notions of health and healing in India

27 January 2016
Art & Culture
Dayanita Singh: At Home in Her Meta-Museum

The art of turning images into a mobile sensibility

17 December 2015
Between the Poetic And the Visual

Arpita Singh’s work, irrespective of its theme and ambition, is touched by a deeply personal, almost mystical, truth. Broken phrases and stray words are strewn all over her images, to set up the context to which these may be anchored

25 November 2015
Art & Culture
The Naked Truth

What lies beneath the sensuous eloquence of Prabuddha Dasgupta

30 September 2015
Unity of the Excess and the Exquisite

There is a special pleasure in viewing the dissonant sensibilities of Rakhi Peswani and Zakkir Hussain, making statements in individual voices but ultimately connecting dots across artistic styles, historical eras and geographical regions near and far

30 September 2015
Artists Without Borders

The Gujral Foundation’s decision to present two artists from India and Pakistan in its collateral show at the 56th Venice Biennale this year did seem like a risky proposition. Thankfully, it was the choice of artists that made the difference

29 July 2015
The legend of Yoko Ono

Would Ono have been remembered as an artist in the league of Andy Warhol had she never been associated with Lennon, had she only produced her non-Lennon work and not been glorified or castigated as the legendary singer’s widow?

04 June 2015
The art of the master curator

The world’s most famour curator remains relevant by creating what he calls Gesamtkunstwerk, a comprehensive work of art. A reading of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Ways of Curating

23 April 2015
The Point of Being Raza

It is easy to be taken in by the decorative elegance of Raza’s work. But once you begin to look beyond the formal beauty of his work, you encounter a stubbornly abstract language, refusing to yield its mysteries

25 March 2015
Chancing upon the book of art

Dayanita Singh’s book-based installation weaves elegance and intelligence, concept and creativity, into a logic of unity

19 February 2015


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