Art & Culture

A Brush with Fame

Madhavankutty Pillai

Suresh lives on the streets of Mumbai. He also likes to draw. What does he think of our great artists on display at the NGMA?

How the West Won

A chance visit to a film museum turns the arclights on a century-old fight in the US film industry. A tussle that becomes more dramatic if seen through the lens of a new one

After Ever After

To celebrate its first anniversary of coming to India, Harlequin Mills & Boon launched a contest to discover Indian writers. This is what happened

Ways of Seeing

The lines and motifs of India’s five most iconic paintings and how the artists created enduring metaphors for their times

Fanning Chiranjeevi Flames

If Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi doesn’t become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, C Srikant Kumar won’t marry

The Secret King of Indian Porn

An exclusive interview with the creator of India’s first illustrated porn site

Media Messages

A trained sculptor, Shilpa Gupta uses TV, video and the Internet to make sense of the reality that surrounds us so artfully

The Music Makers

These are the the brilliant craftsmen our maestros swear by


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