The Rachel Papers

A South Asian Summer in London

Rachel Dwyer

Khushwant Singh and other festival delights and diversions

The National Spirit

Films in this election season capture the patriotic pulse

April Is Not the Cruellest Month

Spring is also a season of love and romance amid the blooming flowers

Where the Guest is God

The Indian service industry

My Indian Hall of Fame

No matter how long the list, there’s always a film I miss

The Twain Shall Meet, But…

When Indian films celebrate the West for all the wrong reasons

Flood, Mud and Blood

Water as a giver and destroyer of life is a widespread cultural norm

Scotch Whimsy

Of bagpipes and Indian popular culture

Eye of the Tiger

What Salman Khan’s stardom says about sexuality and ageing in India

The Intimate Fantasy

Desire in Indian cinema is best expressed in dream sequences


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