The Health Of Nations

Sudeep Paul

Taiwan could have contributed a lot to the debate on Covid-19

ICMR is Setting up Trial Sites for WHO ‘Solidarity’ Programme

It is awaiting approvals to enrol COVID-19 patients for randomized controlled trials

Is It Laboratory-Born?

An alternative biography of the novel coronavirus

Can We Forgive China?

If any other country had sparked such a mammoth international crisis, it would now be in the global doghouse

The War on Virus

It’s a tough campaign and the government is doing a fine job. The rest is on us

Inside the Invader

The making of a pandemic and what we can do about it

Coronavirus: How Vulnerable Are We?

Even if the human toll of the Coronavirus is contained, the economic disruption in India could soon be substantial

Measles Vaccine: Pins and Needles

How rumours, pseudoscience and the tricky issue of consent are derailing India’s measles vaccine programme

A Pill in Time

If you don’t take your medicines, they won’t work


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