The First Predator

William Dalrymple

It was not the British government that seized India, but a dangerously unregulated private company headquartered in one small office in London

Life at the top of India’s wealth pyramid

By 2019, India will have over 300,000 ultra high net worth individuals armed with Rs 408 lakh crore

Why Indian Politics Is Anti-Wealth

The pornography of poverty is the aesthetic of the desperate populist. And there is no place more rewarding than India for him. Pornography sells, and when poverty is marketed as wretchedness over which we have no control, it sells more

All Noisy on the Western Front

How did the West suddenly get so much richer than the East about 350 years ago? Another book on business history, another explanation

A Voyeur’s Guide to the Billionaire Experience

A hedonistic celebration of affluence

Chance and Wealth

Randomly and widely varying returns on investment, a study finds, lead to concentration of wealth

Late Temple Treasure Man

Some devotees believe the wrath of God struck him dead for his sacrilege

In Defence of the Wealthy

Why inequality is not the crisis that Leftists make it out to be

How the Rich Blow It

The luxury market is booming. But is it getting any more sophisticated?

Funny Money Fumbles

Black money remains a nightmare, and it is not a battle easily won


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