War Is for Welfare

Bibek Debroy

Lalitaa Parameshvari’s army gets ready to confront Bhandasura

When the Goddess Goes to War

Choose your enemy wisely — and get the right bow

Nation First

Kinetic patriotism propels the spy universe

The Goddess and Armageddon

War kills the young and heroism does not bring them back to life

A Bridge across Rivers

Love and war in Portugal and India in the 16th century

‘I am ashamed of being part of Russian society that nurtured Putin’

Noted Russian author Alisa Ganieva, who has been translated into multiple languages, including Indian ones, on the war on Ukraine

Putin’s Imperium of the Mind

A pumped-up imperialist can invade Ukraine because today’s world is led by lesser leaders who are tentative about freedom

Journalists as Targets in the Time of War

The death of Hem Chandra Pandey, who was killed along with Maoist leader Azad , worries his colleagues and activists no end.

Confessions of a War Photojournalist

“There is intense rivalry among photographers and getting the better picture faster than the guy next to you is important”

The Real Trickle-Down Effect

The State’s war against the Naxalites boils down to just this: the poor fighting the poorer.


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