Journalists as Targets in the Time of War

Rahul Pandita

The death of Hem Chandra Pandey, who was killed along with Maoist leader Azad , worries his colleagues and activists no end.

Confessions of a War Photojournalist

“There is intense rivalry among photographers and getting the better picture faster than the guy next to you is important”

The Real Trickle-Down Effect

The State’s war against the Naxalites boils down to just this: the poor fighting the poorer.

India’s Ragtag Army

It is low on money, officers, equipment and strategic vision. It just does not seem to have what it takes to fight a war—and win.

Of Wars and Demons

Indian forces are ready for a big offensive against Naxal insurgents in Dandakaranya and elsewhere. Let’s be clear, India will be at war

In Black, Red and Green

The war-torn nation’s hopes, fears and nightmares before a national election


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