VS Naipaul

Naipaul Under the Woke Gaze

Roderick Matthews

Why we should read what he had to say

Misreading the Mahatma

Gandhi was not enough for Naipaul. Why he was wrong

Open Defecation: Quitting the Habit

Swachh Bharat Mission makes headway in fighting the menace of open defecation

VS Naipaul: Writing the World

With his shifting way of seeing, VS Naipaul articulated a new configuration of all that we know

VS Naipaul: ‘I had no set way of writing’

Seeing, feeling, and thinking with Sir Vidia. Snatches from my conversations with the greatest writer of English prose

VS Naipaul: Severe, Savage, Sublime

Remembering VS Naipaul (1932-2018)

Mumbai Notebook

In memory of VS Naipaul and Tushna Dallas

Sir Vidia and the Islamic Reich

V S Naipaul tells the truth in the age of left-liberal cop-out

A Fine Balance

The eighth Jaipur Literature Festival featured fewer superstars but sustained its literary value. Also, a swansong for a great writer—and another way of festival life


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