Rabba Hun Kee Kariye


Could it be that 62 years on, the scars of the Partition violence have still not healed because there is so little voluntary admission of guilt, so much glorified victimhood? Here’s a narrative finally that trains its gaze at the perpetrators.

The Angry Generation

The Censor Board has certified Kannada cinema as the most violent in India. The industry, too, is taking quite a beating for it

Bloodied Bengal and Its Bhadralok

Why violence maintains its currency as a political tool in West Bengal

Sunday, Busy Sunday

Belfast has shaken off its strife-torn image and wears the look of a boomtown these days

Another Day in Kashmir

From the relative sanctuary of our daily lives, this would seem like war. But for the average Kashmiri, it is just another day

In The Valley of Mist

Justine Hardy’s third book on Kashmir focuses on post-1989 Kashmir through the story of Mohammed Dar and his family

Brotherhood of Urchins

On the streets, boys survive on a powerful code of absolute friendship. They become one, a swarm, a super organism that sometimes gapes through your car window


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