Speech and Silence

Madhulika Liddle

Women in a village ask questions on faith and belief

Trauma in Red Tape

A physician-scientist writes a social satire plus supernatural drama set in an unnamed Indian village

The Dharmic State

The excesses of state intervention in India have been justified in the name of Gandhi. That’s because he has often been reduced to a face on a currency note, or a remembrance fetish twice a year

Ponduru: The Life Charkha

A village in Andhra Pradesh produces the most exquisite hand-spun khadi in India. Tradition demands a higher price from the spinners

Bastar: Guns and Roads

After nearly two decades of violence, Bastar now has a semblance of normalcy but this has more to do with individual choices than ideological leanings

Rima Das: Fairy Queen

As her film heads to the Oscars, the Assamese director Rima Das shares the thrill with Divya Unny

The New Village Idiom

Is agriculture all that important?

Mind the Gap

It takes a village to understand an unequal society

A House for Mr Gandhi

The architecture of Nehruvian failings


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