Doses of Hope

Pavan Srinath

The progress made on Covid vaccines in ten months looks like a mad dash for protection against the virus, but the development of vaccines remains a marathon

Covid-19 Vaccine

Tamp down hope of an early normalisation

‘People of poorer nations have moral claim to be at the front of the queue when vaccines arrive’

Says Jonathan Kimmelman, Director of the Biomedical Ethics Unit, School of Population and Global Health, McGill University, Canada

The Covid Vaccines Are Coming

It is looking increasingly probable that by early 2021 vaccine rollouts will begin

Adar Poonawalla: The Vaccine Prince of Pune

‘I will take the Oxford vaccine shot myself and put out a video to inspire people,’ says Adar Poonawalla, 39, CEO, Serum Institute of India

An Elusive Therapy

Why is the gigantic medical industry unable to find a cure for Covid?

Beginnings and Alternative Ends

The trajectory of pandemics suggests that humanity will always triumph in the end but without control over the time and toll

A Tale of Three Vaccines

The world has responded to Covid-19 by developing and testing vaccines at record speed

Is Science about to Defeat the Coronavirus?

With the recent vaccine results, new drugs and experienced care, the first glimmers of hope arrive

“A Covid-19 vaccine should hit the Indian market in 2021”

Biophysicist Raghavan Varadarajan on the clinical trial results of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine


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