Uttar Pradesh

The Slippery Encounter Slope

Madhavankutty Pillai

On allegedly killing Vikas Dubey and appointing a panel to investigate it

‘How Do I Walk All the Way?’

Bhojpuri folk music articulates the anxieties of migrant workers and their longing for home and their families

Truth-Finding Mission

A gripping reportage of love and the politics of hate

Kamlesh Tewari: A Murder in Lucknow

As long as political blinkers continue to affect attempts at understanding religious radicalism, such events will continue to recur

Still Simmering in Unnao

Political affinities and social prejudices add to the volatile aftermath of a rape case that shook India

Azam Khan: Serial Sexist

The SP leader’s brand of misogyny, so far restricted to Uttar Pradesh, goes national

Is it all maya now?

After four consecutive electoral debacles, Mayawati is at a crossroads

In Defence of Offence

To protect freedom of speech, protect the right to be genuinely offensive

The Fall of Yadavastan

Power discards the already diminished socialist families

Varanasi: The City of Flickering Light

In the 2014 elections, Shylashri Shankar found Varanasi under the spell of Narendra Modi. Revisiting it in the current campaign, she finds some change is evident but the fault lines underneath remain the same


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