Uttar Pradesh

OBC Gambit?

Jayanta Ghosal

After stitching the upper-caste and Dalit votes, the BJP now wants to make inroads into Other Backward Classes?

A Resigned Sigh at CPM Summit

And a warning against underestimating BJP and its sway

The Grand Delusion

The bad news is not likely to end soon for Congress. But facing its biggest existential threat, the party leadership continues to be in a state of denial

Battle Plan 2024

From governance to delivery of welfare and attention to women voters, BJP will offer a new deal

The Mind of the Permanent Winner

Why Narendra Modi is the mothers’ choice

Modi and the Politics of Trust

The normalisation of Hindu nationalism

The Yogi Law

The chief minister learnt his lessons early and drew on Kalyan Singh’s approach to crime

UPset and SetUP

Why Mamata Banerjee didn’t contest any seat in UP despite visiting the state twice

A Dress Rehearsal of 2024

UP election was simply a dress rehearsal of the General Election due in 2024

Creating a Stakeholder Economy

Development and access to basic amenities are moving voters away from the traditional draw of caste and religion in India’s most politically significant state


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