Uttar Pradesh

Back to the Family Turf

Amita Shah

How safe is the safe seat for Rahul Gandhi? Amita Shah captures the mood in Rae Bareli

Reaping the Rewards

Welfare schemes and improved law and order have consolidated BJP’s social coalition in eastern Uttar Pradesh, reports

Lotus In an Elephant Trunk

Is the Bahujan Samaj Party under Mayawati even putting up a fight?

Mapping the Muslim Mind

Travelling across eastern Uttar Pradesh, Open finds Muslims are crestfallen as they are taken for granted by the so-called secular parties

The Smriti Surge

Smriti Irani has already made the Gandhis a distant memory in Amethi, and lets her work do the talking

Betting on the Future

A week after the pilgrim belt of Mathura-Vrindavan voted on April 26, public opinion indicates the Modi-Yogi model has prevailed over local discontents and trumped a disorganised opposition, reports

The Power of My Vote Bank

From the sleepy villages to the bustling towns of western Uttar Pradesh, voters say they will reward the Modi dispensation for its generous schemes and state Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for strict policing

The Writing on the Wall

After the polls, Samajwadi Party and the Congress' mutual dejection may again be the reason for them to go their separate ways

The Vernacular Vibe

The enduring aura of architecture without architects

Akash Anand: The Chosen One

Can Mayawati’s successor rebuild the Bahujan Samaj Party?


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