Govt unveils ambitious plan to set India’s research priorities

Rajeev Deshpande

The National Research Foundation’s Rs 50,000 crore budget will support smaller state universities, correcting a skew that favours pedigreed institutions like the IITs

Class Struggle

Fault lines on the American campus

“A Silent Majority”

A stick to beat back radical impulses

Being Strategically Competitive

World-ranking agencies need to factor in the Indian context

Dissent and the University

Are campuses witnessing an attack on the democratic imagination?


Madhavankutty Pillai • V Shoba • Lhendup G Bhutia • Sunaina Kumar • Shreya Sethuraman • Gunjeet Sra

Over the Horizon

What are the forces transforming India's education and how they reflect on the present

The Arts Boom

New universities revive the trend


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