Tipu Sultan

The Passion of Pazhassi Raja

Ullekh NP

An 18th century Kerala king starred in the longest war waged against British forces in the subcontinent

The Man in the Tiger Mask

The many incarnations of Tipu Sultan

Mysore’s Allies

The French connection behind the painting that shows Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan defeating Company forces at the Battle of Pollilur

An Objective History

Vidya Dehejia’s chosen artefacts relive the past, speak to the present, and occasionally portend the future

Everyone Loves a Loser

Why has Tipu Sultan become a faux saint, while his father Hyder Ali has been virtually erased from the memory of Karnataka Muslims?

Tipu Sultan: The Man Behind the Golden Mask

Srirangapattana’s zenana might have housed 333 women, but Tipu Sultan was an affectionate family man and a just king

On the Sultan’s Trail

V Shoba follows the footsteps of a warrior king and listens to the voices of admiration and anger that echo his still volatile legacy


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