Talking Through Life

V Shoba

Young urban Indians are seeking therapy not only to recover from trauma but also to fit in

Peace of Mind

The booming online therapies for mental health

Laugh Out Loud

Suddenly the joke is on us

An Elusive Therapy

Why is the gigantic medical industry unable to find a cure for Covid?


What lies behind the hype of stem cell therapy in India

Animal Healers: The Pet Whisperers

Crystal therapy, white angel magic, colour cleansing, tarot reading and aura correction. Certified healers now offer a variety of treatments just for animals

Defence against Malaria

An understanding of the link between sickle cell anaemia and malaria may lead to new therapies

When to Visit the Shrink

Seeking therapy can work. Sadly, however, too many of us are completely unsure of whether it’s time yet, or not.

Dealing with the Seat of Ache

Sedentariness, bad posture and chair design have become common sources of pain. How do you deal with it?


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