Tata Group

Of Public Interest in Tata’s Private Affairs

Aresh Shirali

A possible resolution of India's biggest corporate feud

Who Will Win Tata’s Trust?

Cyrus Mistry’s successor will have his work cut out for him

The Revolution’s New Leaf

With a little help from the Tata Group, man has managed to replicate photosynthesis in a lab. In the future, you could well have an artificial leaf powering a house in an Indian village

India Inc’s Biggest Headhunt

Ratan Tata retires in 2012 as Tata Group Chairman and a five-member panel is searching for his successor. A look at how they might choose and who it could be.

The Importance of Being Ratan Tata

The panel set up to pick the new Tata Group boss will not have it easy. And the reasons are many


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