Tamil Nadu politics

The Robotic Politics of Rajinikanth

K Hariharan

A divine comedy featuring an enigmatic superstar

Tamil Nadu: Vacancy for an Icon

There are no long-term winners in the Tamil Nadu power struggle

Trial and Error

How the disproportionate assets case against Jayalalithaa and her associates dragged on despite conclusive documentary evidence against them

Puppet Part Two

Sasikala goes to jail and a dummy comes to power in Chennai

An Honourable Man

O Panneerselvam joins the social churn that is deeper than the current succession struggle

In the Name of the Mother

Kitsch and skulduggery in Chennai as the struggle for power and legacy pits the ambitious against the dutiful

The MGR Magic: The Enduring Image Trap

One hundred years of the MGR magic

J Jayalalithaa (1948-2016): The Ideal and the Icon

In Jaya’s Tamil Nadu, history and biography became one

J Jayalalithaa (1948-2016): The Last Mother

Always a winner. Even in her death

J Jayalalithaa (1948-2016): Farewell to an Icon

As Jayalalithaa was interred with state honours next to MGR and CN Annadurai and her life committed to the folds of history, her ups and downs in the mild cycle of electoral politics suddenly seemed inconsequential. She had left behind a legacy of welfare schemes, many of which will have to be upheld by governments to come.


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