The Case for a Good Death

Madhavankutty Pillai

India never goes far enough with euthanasia

Jagat Mehta: A Tragic Hero

How misunderstood diplomat Jagat Mehta’s career was cut short

Bean There, Done That

India is catching up with the single-origin movement

What Not to Do at Basel

The good thing about this place is that almost everybody here knows many multiples more than what most will ever know about watches

How to Warp Time and Space in a Minute

Basel has always been a place where nothing needs add up at first sight

How to Tame those Fat Cats up There

A Swiss referendum allows shareholders to restrict executive compensation to any level they see fit

A Match in Switzerland

The conditions were not ideal for cricket. The field was filled with snow. The pitch was rigged. But former cricketing greats played a memorable match among themselves. The best part, though, was how they behaved off the field

Recreating the Brain

Scientists in Switzerland have embarked on an ambitious plan to reverse engineer the human brain, molecule by molecule


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